Turn Your Body into a Lean, Mean, Fighting Machine!

Martial Arts is one of the most astounding workouts in the world. As adults, we know that the key components to living a healthy lifestyle are getting enough sleep, maintaining a well-balanced diet and engaging in regular exercise. We work hard to overcome challenges and continue to strive to have it all, both personally & professionally. But what about our priorities when it comes to good health, overall wellness and having a peace of mind? Martial Arts training offers an amazing physical experience fueled by an intense adrenaline rush.

Imagine getting excited by such a high intensity and fun fitness workout that takes you beyond the traditional gym experience. Say goodbye to tedious sessions on the elliptical that seem to be getting you nowhere and unfriendly gym environments. Martial Arts outshines other exercise programs because it effectively utilizes every muscle group in the body at once, creating a functional fitness experience that keeps you on your feet!

Look forward to improving your body, mind & spirit as a whole: stamina, muscle tone, flexibility, balance, strength, as well as focus and self-confidence. Unlike any other exercise class, you will learn life-saving self-defense skills at the same time you’re creating a lean mean fighting machine. In addition, practicing kicks, punches and screams produce a calming effect that literally melts your stress away!

Are you ready to create long-lasting results and feel fantastic in 2019? Martial Arts training will turn your body into a lean, mean, fighting machine in no time! Start training now to experience these incredible benefits as you build the strong and fit body you’re motivated to create…
Incredible Health Benefits

Martial Arts training is one of the quickest ways to lose weight and shed unwanted fat. It’s high intensity programming helps you achieve a slimmer, trimmer body in quick sessions. Whether you are training in Krav Maga or fitness kickboxing, Martial Arts can help lead you toward feeling more empowered and healthy.

After a few weeks of hard work, you will be sure to start feeling lighter and tighter. Let us guide you as you train your way toward absolute peak physical fitness! Also, you may notice you’ll intuitively begin to make healthier food choices to properly fuel your body & brain. This type of holistic approach to wellness will positively impact every aspect of your life.

Enhanced Athleticism, Strength and Coordination

Engaging your entire body from small to large muscle groups helps you build strength, endurance and overall athleticism. Imagine becoming a master at full body movements like kicking, jumping, punching, grappling and more. Over time, your speed will increase, flexibility will improve and you may notice better hand-eye coordination. We’ve seen students make enormous improvements in just a few weeks of commitment and dedication!

Increased “Feel Good” Hormones

Martial arts is an intense but truly fun workout! It will keep you on your feet and alert. Be ready to constantly learn something new. After just one class, you’ll likely experience increased joy as you release a steady flow of happy hormones (aka endorphins). Our classes will keep you coming back for more! Soon you’ll truly feel part of our Total Impact family, making real friendships along the way. As you continue practicing this holistic way of life and attend classes several days each week, witness improved feelings of happiness and balance at home, at work and possibly experience better relationships. When we take care of ourselves, everything else usually falls into place.

The Total Impact System

The Total Impact System blends multiple styles together to create a well rounded system which utilizes techniques of American, Chinese, Israeli, Japanese, and Korean origins, including: Bu Kyoku Ryu karate, Kickboxing/Boxing, Krav Maga, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and Judo & Jiu-Jitsu. It is about growing and continuing the evolution of martial arts by combining the best techniques from the various styles into one program. Total Impact Martial Arts & Fitness offers exciting and innovative programs that will help you reach all of your health, fitness and martial art goals!



Total Impact Martial Arts offers HIGH ENERGY, engaging martial arts programs to help students of all ages reach their unique health, fitness, and martial arts goals!