Karate Birthday Party at Total Impact

Celebrate your next birthday party at Total Impact Martial Arts & Fitness!

Ninja Party: Starting at $450* | Magic Party: Starting at $495*

Prices are based on 20 kids or less per party. There is an additional $5/child cost after 20 kids.

Each party includes:

  • Rental of the dojo for 1 1/2 hours (90 minutes).
  • Entertainment for 40-45 minutes.
  • A special gift for up to 20 kids!
  • Special gift for the birthday child!
  • Includes two tables and paper goods (such as napkins, paper plates and plastic silverware)

Clients must provide any food and drinks.

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🪄 Magic Birthday Party

Magic party includes 40-45 minutes of magic entertainment from “Magic by Bryan” (aka Shihan Brian) and all of the amenities mentioned above. Each child will receive a magic wand, party magic hat, and learn a magic trick! The birthday child receives a special gift from the magician. There will also be a special photo opportunity. Bonus: Magic party also includes levitating the birthday child! Price ranges from $495-$525.

🥷 Ninja Birthday Party

Ninja party includes 40-45 minutes of ninja games, obstacle course, ninja training, and all of the amenities mentioned above. Each child will receive a ninja headband, stickers, and a ninja training gift certificate! The birthday child receives special gift from the Sensei. Price ranges from $450-$475.

Afterward, we’ll have 40 minutes to enjoy cake, snacks, and presents. Please remember that you’ll be responsible for clean-up. Garbage bins will be provided for your convenience. No food will be allowed in the dojo area. We will provide tables and chairs for food consumption.

Participating children should wear something comfortable for crawling and jumping. Shoes will not be worn in the dojo. Sweatpants/shorts and t-shirts are recommended.

A $75 non-refundable fee will be required to reserve your party time and date. Remaining balance due upon arrival.

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Total Impact Martial Arts - Karate Birthday Parties
Total Impact Martial Arts - Karate Birthday Parties