The Secret to Crushing Your Martial Arts Goals

Mixed Martial Arts is an extremely challenging, competitive contact sport. Total Impact understands just how many multiple disciplines and skills are needed to maximize a student’s strength and confidence to increase their success and earn a higher ranking. Using a training journal will help maximize your learning potential because it provides an organized way to keep track of new styles, combinations, tips and progress.

Training journals are truly an effective way to remember everything you have previously learned and serve as a refresher for all of the new skills you are learning.

Training journals are a wonderful way to enhance your memory capacity. In Mixed Martial Arts, training plateaus are common. Tracking everything will give you a boost in your confidence and if you take time off, it can help you get back on track striking with laser focus as you return to the dojo!

We encourage our students to become the best human beings possible both inside our martial arts school and out in the world. Sometimes the most helpful way for someone to reach their goals is to break it down into manageable action steps. A training journal is a great tool to help an individual create long term goals and break them down into small milestones. This eliminates the overwhelming feeling that you have to learn everything and master it all at once. Imagine the self-confidence you’d feel when you see how over time, your goals are reached and next belt levels are attained!

The Secret to Crushing Your Martial Arts Goals - Total Impact

The journals are used for tracking, monitoring progress, and setting goals. However, keeping a martial arts training journal also allows you to have a written account of feelings. One day you might be kicking really high or throwing punches that are on the mark. Another day, you could be feeling frustrated or disappointed because things are not going your way. What’s happening in our personal lives often affects our fitness performance because it is connected to our emotional and mental state. Writing down feelings helps you take a look at what’s happening in your life that could be affecting your training, and then contemplate how to improve it!

Creating a journal serves many wonderful purposes. They can be as simple as a ruled notebook or as elaborate as a printed journal with preset writing prompts. Your notebook will become an invaluable resource as you study for future belt tests, especially if becoming a martial arts instructor is in your future calling! We all have different ways of learning. Regardless of individual learning styles, one of the best ways to actively strive to do better is by keeping a training journal throughout your martial arts journey.

Today is Day One – what will you track?

The Total Impact System

The Total Impact System blends multiple styles together to create a well rounded system which utilizes techniques of American, Chinese, Israeli, Japanese, and Korean origins, including: Bu Kyoku Ryu karate, Kickboxing/Boxing, Krav Maga, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and Judo & Jiu-Jitsu. It is about growing and continuing the evolution of martial arts by combining the best techniques from the various styles into one program. Total Impact Martial Arts & Fitness offers exciting and innovative programs that will help you reach all of your health, fitness and martial art goals!



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