Specialty Classes

Martial Arts Weapons Training with Specialty Classes

Have you been searching for a fun after-school activity for your kids? Or maybe your child is already a student at Total Impact and they’ve shown interest in learning advanced skills, such as board breaking or using a Bo Staff? If your teenager love classic martial arts movies and wish they could copy Bruce Lee’s nunchaku moves, you’ve come to the right place!

We have just the exciting new activity that your child or teen will enjoy, introducing NEW Specialty Classes at Total Impact Martial Arts! We will be running different types of Specialty Classes throughout the year to introduce our students to various styles of traditional weapons training. Some of the programs that we will be offering include Bo/Staff, Nunchakus, Kama’s, Board Breaking, Tournament Style Sparring, Tournament Style Kata and Ninja Trix (Obstacle Course & Parkour). Click here to learn more about each style!

Important Information

It’s important to note that Specialty Classes are designed for ages 7 and up only (for safety and maturity reasons). Please keep in mind that some of our Specialty Classes will require equipment purchase for the course. All practice weapons will be foam and/or padded for safe training, so need to worry about injuries! Each program will run one at a time for an extended number of weeks, and then rotate into a new program once the course is completed. This will give our students the opportunity to experience a comprehensive training in each area.

Martial Arts Weapons Training for Kids in Buffalo Grove! - Total Impact Martial Arts

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