Why Summer is the Best Season for Martial Arts Training!

Are you a parent looking for the perfect summer activity for your kids? Something that’s not just fun, but also educational and safe? We know how challenging it can  be to keep children occupied, safe, and entertained throughout summer break. During vacations, they may find themselves bored with nothing to do, aimlessly wandering around getting into trouble, or glued to their smartphone.

Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution to keep your kids occupied, learning, and having a blast all summer long —Children’s Martial Arts training at Total Impact!

Our martial arts program is perfect for keeping kids & teens busy during this time of the year. Why? Karate classes and mixed martial arts are not only about learning how to punch, kick, and defend; they’re also about growing as an individual and becoming a better person. Picture your child not only enjoying summertime but also acquiring discipline, confidence, and the ability to focus.

What could be better? It’s a win-win for your family! The positive values and important life skills learned in Total Impact’s karate classes will help prepare your kids to start the new school year with even more energy and enthusiasm.

If you’ve been searching for a summer activity that ticks all the boxes—educational, safe, and incredibly fun—we have exactly what you need! Martial arts classes truly have a total impact on young people and provide fun-filled activities that help students of all ages learn new skills, make friends, and stay moving. Read on to explore why summer is the best time for martial arts training and how it can turn your family’s summer break into an unforgettable experience…

Summer Struggles for Parents

Summer break can feel double-edged. On the one hand, it’s a great time for our kids to relax, have fun, and refresh themselves before the next semester begins. On the other hand, it can quickly turn into a challenge for parents—kids lounging around the house, glued to their screens, getting into trouble, or complaining about being bored. Without the structure of school and extracurricular activities, it becomes very hard for kids and teens to remain active during the day.

Being sedentary or scrolling all day is not healthy for their body or mind! It’s a struggle many of us face: finding ways to keep our kids active, engaged, and out of trouble during those long summer days. Fortunately there are plenty of activities you can do to keep your family moving and learning. It is as simple as knowing what works for your kids and then making sure they are set up for success. That’s why Total Impact’s children’s martial arts & teen kickboxing programs are ideal for summer!

Our classes are perfect for kids of all ages and interests, from beginners to advanced levels. Read on to learn the many benefits of Kids Karate during the summertime…

Why Martial Arts is the Perfect Summer Activity!

Martial arts training during the summer offers benefits that address many common concerns parents have. Let’s discuss the top reasons why enrolling your kids and teens in Total Impact’s martial arts program is an excellent idea:

Promotes Physical Fitness

Martial arts is a wonderful way to ensure that children remain active at all times. In summer, it becomes really simple to spend hours and hours in front of the TV playing video games, snacking, and maybe more Netflix than we’d like to admit. But guess what martial arts brings to the table? A whole lot of fun and action! Besides, it is a very subtle form of exercising without the feeling of doing it at all. These training sessions improve cardiovascular health, flexibility, strength, and endurance, helping combat the sedentary lifestyle that many children develop during summer break.

Keeps Their Minds Engaged and Learning

Martial arts is not just a physical activity, but mental as well. This training is about acquiring new moves, practicing new ways of remembering, and studying the philosophy behind martial arts. This mental engagement helps prevent the “summer slide” where kids lose their academic skills over the break .

Teaches Discipline and Focus

Martial arts also build character by enhancing such important attributes as discipline and concentration in school and at home. The disciplined environment is offered during the program, teaches respect and self-control to help children to have better behavioral patterns.

Builds Social Skills and Friendships

Summertime often means less structure, which can make it tricky to hang out with friends regularly. Taking martial arts classes also helps you to make new friends because you are grouped with people of the same interests. It also helps them learn the values of working together, being polite, and listening to others, all while laughing and having fun.

Provides a Safe and Supervised Environment

At Total Impact, children perform in a secure and organized environment that involves the kids in a variety of physical activities under the guidance of trained coaches. This kind of setting erases the concern of free time and the possible chance of your child getting into trouble. 

Sets and Achieves Goals

Martial arts is very goal oriented, the students strive to get their belts and learn new techniques. This gives your kids a sense of purpose and achievement, while motivating them to set and reach goals in other areas of their lives as well .

Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem

Missing school (well, maybe not the homework), but definitely your pals and the routine can surprisingly leave you feeling a bit down. The good news is martial arts is fantastic for keeping your spirits high. When kids achieve something new or progress through the ranks in terms of the techniques being taught, they gain confidence. This newfound confidence helps to improve their performance in school and other activities they get engaged in.

Teaches Important Life Skills

The values and skills that can be obtained in martial arts, such as perseverance, respect, and self-discipline, cannot be overestimated. And these lessons make children more responsible and ready to face challenges which help them to change their behaviors and perform well in all aspects of life.

How Martial Arts Training Helps Students Thrive (Beyond the Dojo)

The skills and values learned in martial arts are truly life-changing. Here’s how Total Impact’s curriculum can help your child be successful in all areas of life…

At School: Thus, it is important to note that improved focus and self-discipline result in improved academic performance. For instance, children who engage in martial arts tend to be more focused and well-mannered in their classwork.

At Home: The lessons of respect and discipline that are learned in the dojo can greatly enhance behavior at home. Children grow to be more responsible, polite, and helpful thus making the home environment more congenial.

In Social Settings: The confidence and social skills gained from martial arts help kids interact more effectively with others. They also learn how to interact, share, and develop appropriate relationships, which are essential as they grow up and join the workforce.

Join Total Impact with a Free Trial Class!

We understand that selecting the best summer activity for your child is a major decision. Karate is not just about the kicks and punches or fancy moves, but about building a better YOU! And the best part? Your kids will have so much fun that they won’t even realize they’re also working on physical fitness, sharpening their mind, boosting emotional well-being, and making new friends along the way.

We invite you to register your kid or teen for a FREE trial class to check out our program – at NO obligation. Sign up today to start enjoying the many benefits of Total Impact! We are confident we offer the BEST martial arts programs in Buffalo Grove and Arlington Heights.



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