Specialty Classes

Martial Arts Weapons Training

Have you been searching for a fun after-school activity for your kids? Or maybe your child is already a student at Total Impact and they’ve shown interest in learning advanced skills?

Level Up Your Training with

Advanced Martial Arts Techniques

At Total Impact, our expert instructors are dedicated to bring your child’s martial arts journey to the next level through specialty weapons classes!

Students ages 7 and above have the opportunity to explore their inner warrior by learning the precise movements of the Bo/Staff, developing focus with the swift strikes of the Nunchakus, and challenging their strength and accuracy with our thrilling Board Breaking activities.

Experience Skilled

Weapons Training!

Step into the exciting realm of advanced martial arts techniques where your child or teen can master skills such as:
  • Bo/Staff
  • Nunchakus
  • Board Breaking
  • Tournament Style Sparring
  • Tournament Style Kata
  • Ninja Trix

Refine Your Skills

Kids and teenagers will also have the opportunity to elevate their warrior-like abilities through sparring and kata lessons. Whether your student is an experienced martial artist or a beginner, our karate school provides the perfect place to refine their skills and delve into advanced techniques!

Total Impact’s NEW Specialty Classes - Total Impact Martial Arts





Is your child ready for the thrilling world of weapons training? Join us in empowering young people to stretch their boundaries, perfect their technique, and realize their full potential!