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Creating Confident Kids with Martial Arts - Total Impact Martial Arts

Creating Confident Kids with Martial Arts

Confidence is a belief in oneself, the belief that you have the ability to meet life’s challenges and to succeed—and the willingness to act accordingly. Not everyone is born with confidence, for many it must be taught at a young age. Fortunately, Total Impact specializes in creating confident kids with martial arts! Martial Arts is…
Set Your Kids Up for an A+ School Year with Total Impact's After-School Programs!

Total Impact’s A+ After-School Programs for Kids and Teens!

As we know, kids have an abundance of energy! With school starting back up, they need a healthy, safe way to release it. Sitting in a classroom all day can be hard for many children. Sometimes without a productive way to channel their youthful energy, they can become restless, frustrated, and anxious. Many children and…
Why Choose a Martial Arts After-School Program? Total Impact Martial Arts

Why Choose a Martial Arts After-School Program?

Parents often struggle to find an after school program that would be the best match for their child, combining the perfect balance of safety, fun, and development. On an academic level, some kids might go to tutoring a few times a week. However, if parents are also interested in investing in their children’s all around…

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