Creating Personal Safety with Martial Arts

Are you looking to improve your personal safety, or teach your teenager how to defend themself? At Total Impact, we offer an opportunity to do just that! Our martial arts classes not only teach you how to defend yourself, but our curriculum also emphasizes the importance of being “street smart”, watching out for crime, preventing violence and keeping others safe too.
It is no secret that throughout history, people have been searching for ways to protect themselves and their loved ones from danger. In today’s world full of social, political, and economic turmoil, there are many reasons for social unrest and it’s led to an increase in public violence and senseless attacks. While a lot feels out of our control, we can at least equip ourselves and our kids with the skills and knowledge needed to stay safe and vigilant!
By learning self-defense techniques and personal safety awareness, you can develop the ability to protect yourself in hostile situations and avoid becoming a victim. Additionally, preventing violence can have a ripple effect in your community, making it a safer place for everyone. Total Impact Martial Arts is here to share how martial arts empowers our students…

What is Personal Safety and Why is it Important?

It’s essential for all of us to feel safe and comfortable in our daily lives. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, safety, and security come right after our basic physiological needs, making personal safety a top priority.

Understanding personal safety is one thing, but applying it to your daily life is another. Here are five ways you enhance your life quality and improve your decision-making in the light of personal safety. These safety tips are practical, and you can easily accommodate them in your daily routine. Not only can you become street smart, but with proper techniques, you can ace self-defense and never feel threatened.

Creating Personal Safety with Martial Arts

Five Tips for Ensuring Personal Safety

1.Practice Good Habits

One of the essential aspects of martial arts training is to devise street-smart habits and instill personal safety points in your life. Once you adopt these smart habits, you will go about them without thinking; they will become a part of your being.

Keeping yourself safe and devising safe habits doesn’t mean you become a hermit and never leave your shell. Instilling personal safety habits gives you a sense of security and freedom. You can come and go as you please at any given hour without fearing your surroundings because of the safety tips you so keenly follow. Here are a few good habits to be mindful of:

  • Park in well-lit areas.
  • If you’re meeting with a stranger, make sure it’s in a crowded and public place.
  • Inform at least one person about your plans for the day.
  • Never display personal information like your address, or credit card number.
  • Keep your valuable items hidden.

The more you raise awareness and practice personal safety tips, the easier it will be to protect yourself and the people around you.

2.Be Aware of Your Surroundings

If you don’t usually pay attention to your surroundings, try looking around like you’re somewhere new today. Find where the exits are and try to find more than one. Also, find where important emergency equipment is, like fire extinguishers and first aid kits.

Think about different things that could happen and how you would react. The company has a plan for fires, but what if someone dangerous comes in? Find places to hide or ways to keep them out. It’s best to avoid danger, and leaving early is your second choice. If you have to, fight back, but only as a last resort.

Don’t use your phone when you need to be paying attention. Don’t wear earbuds or wear only one. If you’re talking to someone, keep scanning the area. Don’t walk too close to places someone could hide or in dark areas. This is especially important if you don’t know the area. Remember, people who want to hurt you look for people who aren’t paying attention.

3.Trust Your Intuition

When trained in Martial arts, you learn to listen to your body’s cues. As martial arts not only train your body, it also trains your mind. You become spiritually strong; your instincts will become sharper. Your intuition, whether you listen to it or not, is on point about some things. Firstly, your intuition kicks in as a response to something or someone acting differently than normal. Secondly, your intuition has your best interest; your inner instinct warns you against something; it’s hardly ever wrong. Be sure to follow the best practices to prevent an accidental injury!

4.Take Immediate Action When Necessary

Here’s a thought, when you are in a position where you have two ways out, escape or self-defense, choose the first option. Escape, running, and bolting should be your priority. In a dire situation, escape means you are avoiding an even worse situation. However, if escape is inevitable, your next best option is self-defense. Here, your martial arts training will come in handy. Taking Immediate action and letting your muscle memory take charge will give your opponent little to no time to defend or retaliate. Your martial arts training at Total Impact can help you save yourself and your peers from threatening situations.

5.Invest in Martial Arts Training

Martial Arts training is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It offers so much more than “just a great workout”. Apart from maintaining physical and mental fitness, martial arts teaches us life skills and values such as perseverance, bravery, humility, respect towards others, gentleness, and responsibility. This develops individuality, builds character, and aids in self-control.

Total Impact Martial Arts is also a C.O.B.R.A. Certified self-defense training center. C.O.B.R.A stands for Combat Objective Battle Ready Applications and is the most eye-opening & rewarding self-defense system for the REAL world. We offer self defense classes for all ages. Whether you’re a parent wanting to protect your family, or your teenager is dealing with a bully at school, we can help! Let’s work together to make our community a safer place!

Creating Personal Safety with Martial Arts
At Total Impact, we take the concept of personal safety very seriously. Our goal is to empower every student that walks into our dojo. We train students of all ages to be aware of their surroundings and learn how to be street-smart and protect themselves. Learning self-defense is an investment in protecting yourself, your family, and the community. Self-defense is a key component of Total Impact’s teachings. We instill the real-world value of taking what you learn in the dojo into everyday life situations. The techniques we teach are used to protect oneself and others that are in danger. Knowing the proper techniques can save someone’s life…and your own!
Hear from one of our Total Impact parents about their awesome experience at our dojo:
“We’ve been loving Total Impact. Brian is truly an amazing teacher, coach, and just an overall great guy who cares deeply for his students. We always feel so welcome and at home here and the boys are learning a lot! Brian also does fun magic shows for the kids and it’s overall a great place.”Masha
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