Finding Community at Total Impact Martial Arts

Martial arts isn’t just a defense technique, it’s a lifestyle. It’s the beginning of belonging to a community that stays with you for life. Along with the social benefits, belonging to a fitness community can help you grow as a person and excel in every aspect of your life.

When you join a martial arts dojo or karate school, you join more than simply a workout club. You’re joining the community that comes along with it! In addition to the many physical benefits of martial arts training, there are also tremendous social & emotional benefits that come with being part of a community.

Belonging to a karate school teaches many lessons: positive socialization, curating friendships, and the importance of being part of a community.

What is community and why does it matter?

Community has been a vital part of society’s survival for centuries, and there’s a good reason for it! No one can survive and thrive all on their own. It really does take a village. Community provides people with a sense of belonging, support, and connection to others which are all necessary for health and wellbeing.

A strong community can offer a range of benefits, such as social connections, access to resources, and opportunities for collaboration and learning. By fostering a sense of community, people of all ages are more likely to be engaged, invested in their surroundings, and succeed!

A martial arts community brings together a group of people regardless of their age, education, religion, and race. Everyone is welcome at our dojo. These people share only one passion: martial arts. No matter the “why” that brought someone into the dojo, everyone is there with the same interest and overall goals.

It’s our goal to have a positive impact on the Arlington Heights and Buffalo Grove communities. Being part of the Total Impact family has many benefits for students of all ages! First is the sense of belonging and camaraderie, providing a supportive environment for members to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for martial arts. Second, practicing martial arts training regularly can improve physical fitness, flexibility, and overall health, as well as promote mental wellness through stress relief and increased focus.

At Total Impact, we encourage our members to set and achieve personal goals, which can help boost confidence, sense of accomplishment, and self-esteem. Also, martial arts training equips individuals with valuable self-defense skills, which can improve personal safety and give a sense of empowerment. Overall, belonging to a martial arts community like ours comes with countless benefits that extend beyond just physical training…

In a nutshell, being part of a martial arts community comes with the following benefits:

  • Improved physical, emotional, and mental health
  • Friendships, socialization, comradery
  • Accountability, shared goals, sense of accomplishment
  • Positive outlet for stress relief, finding support
  • Having fun and letting loose!

Finding Community at Total Impact Martial Arts

Advantages of Becoming a Part of the Total Impact Martial Arts Family

We’ve seen first-hand how joining our school has changed people’s lives and entire families. We welcomed a newly divorced parent who was feeling lonely, stressed, and angry – we watched him leave our dojo feeling light and eventually transformed from the inside out! We welcomed a child who was bullied at school and struggling socially – within months he was glowing with newfound confidence, strength, and made several friends in the dojo. Experiencing the wonderful, supportive benefits of community at Total Impact Martial Arts has improved lives in and out of the dojo.

1. Supportive Environment

The first benefit you reap from belonging to a martial arts dojo is ultimate support from the community. The unique camaraderie you get from belonging to such a community is seldom seen in any other community. Moreover, while training, you will excel at the art and create lifelong bonds and friendships and get encouragement and motivation from your mentors and peers. There will also be healthy competition, but never a rivalry, which is often a sour part of most sports and academic groups. The support system you get from your martial arts community boosts your confidence, encourages a positive attitude and mindset, and pushes you to do more.

2. Physical Growth and Character Development

Martial arts is a holistic practice. It doesn’t end with achieving physical prowess. Along with training your body, you will train your mind, enhance your physical growth, and work on your character’s growth. Every individual needs a structured environment to learn ultimate discipline, which is what a martial arts community is about. Your instructor and fellow students will teach you empathy, respect, kindness, and self-control. You will also polish your social skills!

3. Motivation To Push For The Ultimate Goal

Shihan Brian can instill motivation and goal setting. With our belt testing, students must work hard and dedicate themselves to their training if they want to advance. New belts aren’t just handed out, every student must show discipline, commitment, and growth in order to earn a new ranking, along with a sense of personal accomplishment. All of this translates to the real world as well!

4. Healthy Competition Among Peers

Healthy competition is something every student needs; it not only makes you strive for better results but also boosts confidence. With a martial arts community, you will have the best setting to have friendly competitions and motivation for setting personal goals. Within our local community, we’ve watched students participate in local and regional karate competitions and come home with trophies! Not only that, but a community also encourages showcasing your skills and setting goals for improvement. With a community, you will never be at a standstill; you will always be learning and improving.

5. Social Support and Mentorship

One of the biggest reasons for finding a community is the social support it provides. Your community will never leave you hanging. We’re here if you need to talk about something going on in school or at home. We truly care about every student’s life and hardships. Your community will always encourage you with your choices, applaud your wins, and console you on your losses. The mentorship and support from our instructors will have a positive impact on a student struggling in school or going down a bad path!

Finding Community at Total Impact Martial Arts

We Invite You to Join Our Family!

Everyone needs to be part of something bigger than themselves. Human beings are not meant to live our lives separately, community is essential to developing into well-rounded individuals. It’s our goal to make a positive impact on every student so they can thrive inside the dojo, in school, at work, and at home. Being in a martial arts community will help you meet new people, make new friends, and improve physically & emotionally.

Join Total Impact and become a valued part of something bigger! Connections are so important. That’s why we also host fun events like Movie Day, Game Day, Magic Shows, and more to spend time together outside of regular classes. Make an impact on your life this summer.

We hold several community events yearly to celebrate all of the incredible Total Impact students and families who help make our dojo such a success. We wouldn’t be here without all of you! Be sure to join our community “End of Summer” celebration in September.

Hear from one of our Total Impact parents about their child’s awesome experience at our dojo:
“Our 10 yr old daughter is always looking forward to her weekly class at Total Impact. Since starting to attend class there, she has become more self disciplined towards life and school expectations as well. As a parent I really like the form that students have to provide in order to be allowed to test for the next belt. It makes students aware of how to conduct themselves with respect, accountability and responsibilities. All great life skills! The staff is always extremely nice and helpful. We are very happy with choosing Total Impact!”
Veneta L.
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