Karate Classes Help Children Succeed in School and at Home!

The back-to-school season is upon us. Parents everywhere are on the hunt for the perfect after-school activity. One that will keep their children active, safe, learning and inspired throughout the school year.

If you’re one of those local parents searching for an awesome after-school program in Buffalo Grove or Arlington Heights, the search is over! Our Children’s Martial Arts program at Total Impact is the A+ after-school activity.

Total Impact’s kids karate classes are unique because they offer lifelong benefits beyond physical fitness. In our dojo, children and teens learn respect, self control, discipline, goal setting, make new friends, accountability, and so much more. These valuable lessons will set your kids up for success in the dojo, at school, AND at home.

Let’s not forget, this gives parents a little extra free time after school. What could be better? Empower your child or teen this school year with a positive impact!

Why should I sign my kids up for an after school program?

There are several compelling reasons to sign children and teens up for an after-school or weekend activity during the school year. Here are some of the top reasons:

  1. Socialization: After-school programs provide kids with the opportunity to socialize with their peers outside of the classroom. This can be especially important for students who may have difficulty making friends or who feel isolated at school.
  2. Enrichment activities: After-school programs like karate offer a variety of fun games, activities, and opportunities to stay active. These activities can help kids develop new skills and interests, and can provide a much-needed break from the academic demands of school.
  3. Safety: After-school programs provide a safe and supervised environment for kids during the hours when parents may still be at work. This can give parents peace of mind knowing that their children are in a secure and structured setting.

Overall, after-school programs can be a great way for kids to continue learning, growing, and socializing outside of the classroom. The values we teach in our dojo help keep teenagers out of trouble, discourage bullying, and promote healthy routines!

How Karate Can Help Students Succeed

Thanks to films, tv, and media, we see martial arts as a violent activity. But it is more than just kicks, punches, and physical injuries. Martial arts training is a way of life. It teaches students how to protect themselves and use their bodies safely. But it also makes them sharper and more confident in their abilities. Our training helps children and teens focus, set goals, follow rules, get better grades, and become more alert. These are just a few benefits of martial arts training.

Are you curious about how joining our dojo and learning karate can help your kids achieve success in school and even at home? Read on to learn more…

Lifelong Lessons and Benefits from Total Impact’s After-School Martial Arts Program

1. Attention and Focus

Martial arts increase your child’s attention and make their focus razor-sharp. As a sport, martial arts require intense concentration. When learning techniques, students have to focus on the task at hand. They have to pay attention to their bodies and surroundings. Losing focus can mean physical injuries.

Similarly, when sparring, students need to pay rapt attention to their opponents. What they are doing and what their next move will be. They learn how to pay attention to small details, a skill useful in the classroom.

Students can excel at school by focusing on the challenging assignments given to them. Increased attention in school means they retain information better, improving their grades.

2. Perseverance

Total Impact Martial Arts training teaches students to be perseverant. Learning techniques and improving form is hard work for most students. To progress, they have to be strong and determined not to give up. We teach students to put their maximum effort into what they do and to get back up when they fall. There is no obstacle that they cannot overcome. To win a black belt, you need to work harder consistently and not give up.

This approach helps greatly with academics. Students are no longer anxious when it comes to tough subjects and exams. They eagerly take on challenges and do not give up in the face of challenges.

3. Self-Control and Discipline

Self-control is a great skill and can take years to develop. Having the ability to control yourself makes you mentally stronger and helps you make mindful decisions. Students of karate or dojo need to exercise self-control. They learn to control their impulses and respond to situations after thinking about them.

Karate students do well in school and display good behavior. Since they have greater self-control, they are less likely to be disruptive. They also make better and wiser choices and do not give in to peer pressure. In stressful or high panic situations, they are most likely to stay calm and lead through it.

4. Respect for Oneself and Others

Respect is a fundamental principle in martial arts. Students refer to their instructors or mentors as senpai or sensei. Everyone is treated with respect whether they are a friend or competitors. Despite their ages, all are considered equally worthy of respect.

This respect permeates into school life as well. Students respect their peers, instructors, and the school rules. They are less likely to be involved in bullying as they hold everyone to be worthy of respect. This culture of respect develops a healthy and positive learning environment for all the students.

5. Bully Prevention Strategies

Bullying is a big problem in the USA with 1 in 5 students being bullying victims in school. Karate students learn how to defend themselves non-violently. They are confident in their abilities and can assert themselves. Hence, they are less likely to be picked on.

Being a part of the dojo, they are less likely to be bullies. They respect their peers and look to lead rather than push others down. Their behavior encourages a peaceful school environment that is healthy for everyone.

6. Goal Setting and Accountability

Any martial arts training consists of different levels. Students move up skill levels or ‘belts’ as they learn and advance their skills. They are constantly setting goals for themselves. The next belt, faster and smoother movements, etc. are all examples of some goals that karate students set.

This goal-setting skill is very practical. It applies to all areas of life, including school. You can set manageable small goals when studying, making learning easier. Achieving goals motivates students to learn and improve, setting them up for success.

7. Creating Friendships

Apart from learning these skills in the dojo, the benefits of martial arts include socialization and the creation of a community. Students from all backgrounds get to connect, share interests, and make friends. They build a community together, and it fosters a sense of belonging. Our community proudly supports and motivates each other.

At school, there are cliques and popularity contests. But not at the dojo. Having a support system of peers and mentors is sure to have a positive impact on your child!

Join the Total Impact Martial Arts Community this School Year!

We encourage all local parents to consider enrolling their children in our after school martial arts program! There are MANY reasons to LOVE Total Impact. First and foremost, children’s martial arts can help students develop important physical skills such as strength, balance, and coordination. Also, martial arts instills a sense of discipline and self-control in kids as they learn to follow rules and focus their attention.

Even more important, our karate program for kids and teens can build confidence and self-esteem as they progress through the ranks, learning to set and achieve goals. Keep them off the couch and away from screens this school year at Total Impact! Sign up today to give your kids or teenagers a fun, engaging way to stay active while also developing important life skills that will last a lifetime.

At Total Impact, your child will have a second home filled with supportive peers and motivational, trustworthy instructors. We offer a safe, welcoming space for children to learn, grow, and evolve. Empower your students with a holistic after-school activity to help them excel in school and at home!

For parents in Buffalo Grove and Arlington Heights, we offer after-school martial arts classes all week long and on the weekend.
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“My son has been going to Total Impact for about a year. I can’t say enough good things about the program here! The instructors are patient and have high expectations of the students as well. Shihan Brian is welcoming and holds all students to the same standards. The Little Ninjas program is perfect for the younger kids to learn the skills and have fun doing it!!”
Megan D.
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