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Martial Arts Classes For All Ages!

We offer a variety of classes at our Arlington Heights martial arts dojo for you and your family. Students gain confidence, build strength, learn focus, and embrace a healthier lifestyle! Our youngest students start training as early as four years old!

Whether it’s improving your overall healthlearning self-defenselosing weight or improving overall focus and concentration, Total Impact Martial Arts has a class for you! We pledge to teach every class with the excitement, respect, professionalism, and knowledge you deserve. If you, or your child, is looking for a positive environment to train and achieve life changing results, you have come to the right place!

Children’s Classes

Karate Helps Preschoolers Develop Fine Motor Skills - Total Impact

Teen Classes

Why Belt Testing is an Important Part of Martial Arts

Adult Classes

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Children’s Martial Arts Classes

Kids Karate Program

Total Impact Martial Arts is about positive, life changing, results! Help your child gain more confidence and empower them to succeed. Our blended martial arts system is about self improvement and children’s development to aide your child in developing focus, learning respect, and practicing anti-bullying strategies to feel great about themselves and others. They will train with kids from Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Long Grove, Palatine, Wheeling, and more suburbs. Total Impact Martial Arts & Fitness will have a strong positive impact on your child’s success!

Little Ninja’s Program

The Total Impact Little Ninja’s program is geared towards children, ages 4-5 years old and is considered a pre-karate program. In the Little Ninja program, students will learn martial arts techniques equivalent to our white and ½ yellow belt in the children’s program.

It is a fun, high energy, developmental program that will prepare your child for the Total Impact Martial Arts Children’s program. All little Ninja’s receive a camouflage belt and achieve stripes until they can graduate to white belt. This is a reward driven program that promotes positive learning and team building.

Fighting off the Winter Blues with Martial Arts - Total Impact

Adult Martial Arts Classes

Adult Martial Arts | Krav Maga | MMA

The Total Impact System blends multiple styles together to create a well rounded system which utilizes techniques of American, Chinese, Israeli, Japanese, and Korean origins, including: Bu Kyoku Ryu karate, Kickboxing/Boxing, Krav Maga, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, MMA, Muay Thai, and Judo & Jiu-Jitsu. It is about growing and continuing the evolution of martial arts by combining the best techniques from the various styles into one program. Krav Maga is renowned as one of the most effective, advanced reality based Self-Defense and Survival Systems of the Israeli Defense Forces found in the world! We teach a system dedicated to training men, women, children, law enforcement and military personnel to be able to fight and defend themselves. We are proud to offer the best Krav Maga in Arlington Heights and Buffalo Grove, if not the entire Northwest Suburbs!

Getting Back in Shape with Adult Kickboxing - Total Impact Martial Arts

Fitness Kickboxing

Are you looking to get in the best shape ever, feel great and increase muscle tone, stamina and flexibility? Check out the Total Impact Fitness Kickboxing class. Here, you’ll learn the necessary techniques of Kickboxing, including proper form and posture to avoid injury.  You will have fun doing a full body workout while getting healthier, leaner and stronger. These classes are high energy, motivating and a blast. Total Impact Fitness blends kickboxing and boxing techniques and integrates them with cardio and strength training to create the most powerful fat burning workout available in Arlington Heights today.

Creating Personal Safety with Martial Arts

Private Martial Arts Lessons

While all students in our classes receive excellent group instruction, sometimes a student may find that they need or want private training.

Private training focuses on your individual needs and the development of your skills. This one-on-one attention lets you move at your own pace and achieve your goals with a deeper understanding of martial arts and the fine tuning necessary to move to your next level.

Creating Personal Safety with Martial Arts
Total Impact Martial Arts
Empowering Teens Self-Defense - Total Impact

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