Martial Arts for Adults Over 50: Tips for Training Safely!

The new year brings new challenges and exciting opportunities. Have you set any health resolutions or fitness goals for the year ahead? Is this the year you’ll commit to fitness, start moving more, and possibly even try something new?

As we get older, we understand the thought of trying something new (especially when it comes to physical fitness) can be a little daunting. If you want to take up a FUN activity this year that helps you smash your fitness goals, improve your health, and is a little adventurous, you’ve come to the right place!

Many people are hesitant about taking up a sport like martial arts training at an older age. But what if we told you that martial arts training is suitable AND safe for people of all ages – children as young as 4 to adults over 50? Our adult kickboxing, krav maga, and MMA classes may be right up your alley!

Worried about safety and health concerns? Age is but a number! Total Impact is here to dispel all myths and show you how you CAN try fitness kickboxing and martial arts, even when you are over 50. Let’s dive in…

Breaking the Age Barrier: Martial Arts for Older Adults

At Total Impact, here are some of the questions our dojo has heard over the years:

  • Am I too old for martial arts training?
  • Is martial arts safe for someone my age?
  • Can I practice martial arts if I’m over 50?
  • Don’t martial arts students start young?
  • Will I even be able to do anything?
  • Can I hurt myself in class?

We’re here to dispel the myth that martial arts have a cut off or age limit. While everyone has different skill levels and abilities, we strongly believe that no one is ever too old to get started with MMA! Not only will you experience physical fitness, but you’ll also improve your mental health and emotional well-being. Let’s break ageism and stereotypes together!

Martial Arts for Adults Over 50: Tips for Training Safely!

Countless Benefits of Martial Arts for Adults 50+

Here are a few examples of the many ways Total Impact’s group fitness classes can transform your life

Physical Benefits

Martial arts training provides a holistic approach to fitness. It is a physically intensive workout and requires bodyweight training. These aspects help with weight loss and tone muscles if that is your aim. Additionally, they help you improve flexibility and stamina. Since they involve complex movements of muscles and a lot of balance, you get a rigorous workout that strengthens your body and makes it more agile. 

Research also suggests that kickboxing helps improve cardiovascular health. This is especially beneficial for older people who have a family history of cardiac diseases, obesity, cholesterol, etc. Our classes can also help combat arthritis stiffness! The vigorous activity also promotes joint health, which helps with easy movement as you grow.

Mental Benefits

Martial arts isn’t just a physical sport. It requires focus and concentration when in combat. To achieve success and progress, you also need to develop incredible discipline. This focus and concentration contribute to improved cognitive function and increased awareness.

As we get older, we often struggle with mental signs of aging – forgetfulness, sluggishness, etc. The mental benefits of martial arts training keep them alert, sharp, and in the zone on and off the mat. Learn more about building resilience and overcoming adversity!

Emotional Benefits

Martial arts at Total Impact is a community sport. We encourage students to collaborate and help one another, building a close-knit, supportive community. Older adults who join our classes benefit from having a supportive group around them.

As they progress through the training levels, they also feel a profound sense of accomplishment. The small goals they set for themselves motivate them to work harder and prevent them from giving up or feeling hopeless. Small victories make them confident in their abilities, instill a sense of well-being, and reduce stress. Find out how our classes empower students!

Pro Tips for Training Safely as We Age

We’re not going to lie, as we get older our bodies are not once they once were! But that doesn’t mean we can’t still learn new things and take it at our own pace. The key is not expecting yourself to be able to do what you could 20 years ago. Safe martial arts training entails listening to our bodies, knowing personal physical limitations, and honoring what we can do to the best of our ability!

Students of all ages benefit from martial arts training. To make sure you have a good time at our dojo and prevent injuries, here are a few pro tips that students should keep in mind:

  1. Listen to your body: Martial arts is a rigorous sport and you must make sure you don’t overexert yourself. Do not ignore your body’s warning signs and if something doesn’t feel right, sit back until you recover fully.
  2. Refuel and refresh: There’s no need to rush yourself. Allow your body to recover between sessions and maintain a healthy diet. Overdoing training can tire you out, making you injury-prone. Take the time you need for breaks and rest!
  3. Always stretch: Stretching before and after sessions is extremely important. They help improve flexibility and reduce the chances of muscle strains.
  4. Be mindful: Focus on your technique and form when practicing. Being mindful helps you avoid injuries, and enhances your training. Don’t rush through the process, your only competition in the dojo is with yourself.
  5. Consult the experts: Before you begin training, consult your doctor to ensure you’re fit to join a martial arts program. Once you join our classes, speak with our instructors regularly to train according to your own pace instead of rushing the process or trying to keep up with other students.

*Disclaimer* We do not know your medical history or conditions. We highly suggest any older adults consult their physician for clearance before starting MMA training. The Total Impact community does not discriminate, we welcome new students from all walks of life to join our dojo! If you ever have a question about something, please feel free to reach out to Shihan Brian to discuss your situation.

Martial Arts for Adults Over 50: Tips for Training Safely!

Embark on a New Adventure in 2024 with Total Impact!

This New Year, challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and experience the exhilaration of martial arts classes! Total Impact is proud to offer a range of adult programs – including fitness kickboxing and MMA classes – throughout the week at various times. Sign up for your FREE one week trial today!

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At Total Impact Martial Arts, we offer Adult Fitness Kickboxing, MMA, and Krav Maga. Our classes are conducted by experienced, highly qualified instructors who keep every class high energy, fat burning, and (most importantly) fun! Fitness kickboxing and Adult MMA are some of the best activities to shed extra weight, increase stamina, improve endurance, and feel your best.
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