Get Back in Shape with Adult Kickboxing Classes

Between children being out of school for summer break and so many fun events on the calendar while the weather is warm, it’s easy to fall off track with our health and fitness goals. Taking your kids on vacation or weekend trips with friends can interfere with your regular fitness regimen, not to mention your usual diet.
Even though we’re typically more active in the summertime because of the beautiful weather, many people come to our dojo sharing that they’ve strayed from their regular workouts and have gained weight due to all of the fun events this season. No need to worry or be hard on yourself, everyone needs a break to take it easy sometimes and enjoy life. But it’s important to remember to get back on the horse eventually!
Falling out of a habit is easy, but getting back on track can be hard. We’re here to help! Now that summer break is coming to an end and the excitement of the season has died down, it’s time to return to your fitness routine. Plus with kids back in school, there’s never been a better time to recommit to your health! Whether your doctor wants you to work on your heart health, you’d like more self esteem, or you want to learn self-defense, you’ve come to the right place!
Total Impact Martial Arts has just what you need to get back into shape…introducing our Back-to-Fitness special* for Adult Kickboxing students!
If you live in Buffalo Grove, Arlington Heights, Wheeling, or Palatine, you won’t want to miss out on this offer:
50% OFF your first month + FREE hand wraps for NEW adult students only!*

Getting Back in Shape with Adult Kickboxing - Total Impact Martial Arts

Why is fitness kickboxing the best workout for weight loss?

First of all, Total Impact is NOT your run of the mill fitness kickboxing studio. Our classes are high energy, fun, and you’re always learning something new! Our cardio kickboxing classes are guaranteed to help adult students burn fat while increasing muscle tone and endurance in the process. We offer a variety of group fitness classes in the morning and evening so you can choose what time works best for your busy schedule!

Our Arlington Heights dojo blends kickboxing and boxing techniques and integrates them with cardio and strength training to create the most powerful fat burning workout available. As an official member of WAKO U.S.A. Kickboxing, you can rest assured that the instructors at Total Impact Martial Arts are trained on the proper techniques and posture to avoid injury.

Plus, group exercise classes offer accountability, socialization, and personal instruction that you just won’t get from home workouts. Seeing other students every week in class is an awesome way to keep you consistent and motivated to crush your personal goals! You may even find yourself making new friends in the community! Not to mention the incredible motivation you’ll receive as our instructors really push you past your personal limitations. Experience the best workout of your life with us!

What are the top benefits of fitness kickboxing classes?

Whether your goals are physical like losing weight and tightening muscle tone, or mental like releasing anger or feeling more confident, our instructors will work with you one on one to make sure we help you crush them! Gain flexibility, learn self-defense techniques, lose weight, feel your best, and enjoy having a healthy way to relieve stress.

Find out how Total Impact’s fitness kickboxing classes will positively change your life in many ways:

  • Reducing stress and experiencing better sleep
  • Gaining confidence and self esteem
  • Improved coordination + posture
  • Burning A LOT of calories
  • Boosting energy, motivation, and mental health
  • Improved heart health + lung capacity
  • Increased muscle strength + balance
  • Losing fat by replacing it with muscle
  • Feeling your best while looking your best

…and the list goes on!

Our dojo values a holistic approach to health, it’s not just about physical appearance. Please don’t feel intimidated, at our dojo you can be sure the room is filled with all types of bodies at different ages and levels. There is no comparing one student to another, your only competition is with yourself to become the best version of you possible! With our adult fitness classes, you will surely notice a positive impact on your mind, body, and spirit in no time.

Getting Back in Shape with Adult Kickboxing - Total Impact Martial Arts
Hear from one of our adult fitness kickboxing students about their awesome experience at Total Impact Martial Arts:

“I was excited to learn about the adult fitness kickboxing classes at Total Impact recently. It had been over 10 years since I participated in kickboxing classes, but Brian and Brandon were welcoming and put me at ease immediately. It’s a friendly upbeat atmosphere that promotes positivity; and no matter what your fitness level is, you will receive a challenging workout. I always finish my workout feeling strong physically and mentally. I highly recommend Total Impact if you are looking for rewarding workouts!” – Kristen S.

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“Excuses won’t find you success. Instead, be stronger than your strongest excuse and watch yourself grow.”
– James Green

Ready to get back on track with your goals?

Recommit to yourself with the BEST workout ever at Total Impact!

Take advantage of our special offer before it’s over: 50% OFF your first month + FREE hand wraps for NEW adult students only!

If you’re interested in private lessons, ask about personal instruction with our senseis!

Do you have any questions about our classes? Please feel free to call us or send an email today.

Total Impact Martial Arts specializes in offering adult kickboxing classes to individuals throughout Chicagoland including Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Palatine, Wheeling, and surrounding areas.



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