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Find out why so many parents have chosen Total Impact for their children’s after school program!

We offer a variety of classes at our Arlington Heights martial arts dojo for you and your family. Students gain confidence, build strength, learn focus, and embrace a healthier lifestyle! Our youngest students start training as early as four years old!

Whether it’s improving your overall healthlearning self-defenselosing weight or improving overall focus and concentration, Total Impact Martial Arts has a class for you! We pledge to teach every class with the excitement, respect, professionalism, and knowledge you deserve. If you, or your child, is looking for a positive environment to train and achieve life changing results, you have come to the right place!

Karate Classes Help Children Succeed in School and at Home!
Fighting off the Winter Blues with Martial Arts - Total Impact
What Can Karate Do For Your Kids?
  • Anti-Bullying Strategies
  • Better Grades
  • Develop Discipline
  • Foster Respect
  • Improved Focus
  • Increased Confidence
  • Make Healthy Choices
  • Pursue Goals

Kids Karate Program

Total Impact Martial Arts is about positive, life changing, results! Help your child gain more confidence and empower them to succeed. Our blended martial arts system is about self improvement and children’s development to aide your child in developing focus, learning respect, and practicing anti-bullying strategies to feel great about themselves and others. They will train with kids from Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Long Grove, Palatine, Wheeling, and more suburbs. Total Impact Martial Arts & Fitness will have a strong positive impact on your child’s success!

Little Ninja’s Program

The Total Impact Little Ninja’s program is geared towards children, ages 4-5 years old and is considered a pre-karate program. In the Little Ninja program, students will learn martial arts techniques equivalent to our white and ½ yellow belt in the children’s program.

It is a fun, high energy, developmental program that will prepare your child for the Total Impact Martial Arts Children’s program. All little Ninja’s receive a camouflage belt and achieve stripes until they can graduate to white belt. This is a reward driven program that promotes positive learning and team building.

Karate Helps Preschoolers Develop Fine Motor Skills - Total Impact

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