5 Awesome Benefits of Martial Arts for Children

At Total Impact Martial Arts and Fitness, our foundation is based on the belief that Martial Arts focuses on engaging the mind and body. Our instructors ensure that your child’s total well being, both psychological and physical, is strengthened simultaneously. While studies show that physical exercise and Martial Arts training dramatically improve overall wellness, it also makes a positive impact on emotional health! Research supports that self-esteem and self-confidence increase as well as decreasing anxiety, stress, depression and tension. All this magic happens while your child is having fun, how great is that?

Here are the top 5 benefits of our Martial Arts program for children:

Physical Fitness and Healthy Living:

Today our kids spend too much time on their screens and sitting on the couch. Learning Martial Arts is a total body workout which is highly active and full of fun. The earlier we instill a healthy mindset and help them understand healthier food choices, they will take this foundation with them throughout their lives. How rewarding will it be to see them grow into healthy adults!

Self-Esteem and Confidence Building:

We believe students improve their self esteem through consistent positive verbal reinforcement. When they master a new skill or earn their next belt level, their sense of achievement automatically boosts up their confidence, their self-defense techniques and learning to feel good about themselves!

Respect and Listening:

Respect is one of the main focuses in Martial Arts. Our instructors teach kids to respect their shihan, fellow students, and themselves as they are learning new skills. We strive to help them stay focused and listen which leads to better focus at home and at school. We want our students to be their best self in the dojo and in life!

Goal Setting and Self-Discipline:

Self-discipline refers to the ability to control one’s feelings and make good decisions in the course of their day when they would rather be doing something else. Our students practice self-discipline throughout our training. Having control fosters their ability to set and achieve goals such as moving up a level, competing in a tournament or staying focused in school when a friend is trying to distract them in class. Self-discipline also helps to control acting out on emotions.

Self Defense and Conflict Resolution:

Parents and school administrators are actively trying to prevent bullying. At Total Impact Martial Arts and Fitness, we are also very driven to teach our students how to manage situations without the use of violence or causing harm. It’s a popular misconception that learning Martial Arts promotes physical confrontation, but those who practice the discipline will tell you the opposite is actually true. Martial Arts promotes a mind-body-spirit connection and is a peaceful approach to conflict resolution. Students are taught proper form, ways to fine tune motor skills, and physical coordination. Thus, if a child is in a dangerous situation, they will have the ability to defend themselves with strength and body awareness.

At Total Impact Martial Arts and Fitness, our youth have so much fun meeting new friends, becoming self-aware and developing their physical and emotional well-being. Our team prides themselves on fostering trust with the parents and our students. An important goal for us is to inspire children to become more balanced, focused and kind human beings!
In addition to our regular classes, we host movie nights and magic shows to enjoy more time together as a community. We encourage your child to try out a free intro class. Let’s get your child started today!

The Total Impact System

The Total Impact System blends multiple styles together to create a well rounded system which utilizes techniques of American, Chinese, Israeli, Japanese, and Korean origins, including: Bu Kyoku Ryu karate, Kickboxing/Boxing, Krav Maga, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and Judo & Jiu-Jitsu. It is about growing and continuing the evolution of martial arts by combining the best techniques from the various styles into one program. Total Impact Martial Arts & Fitness offers exciting and innovative programs that will help you reach all of your health, fitness and martial art goals!



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