Contest Alert! FREE CLASSES for ONE MONTH!

Spring has all of us ready to get up and start moving! Time for kids to put down their screens and parents to model how to stay active, get healthy, stronger and build self confidence. Fitness is a journey that begins in childhood, but it’s never too late to start an exercise program. We are kicking off March with our exciting contest. The lucky winner will receive one month of FREE classes at Total Impact Martial Arts. We will announce the lucky winner on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th!

To enter the contest, you must:⠀

1) Like our Facebook page
2) Follow our Instagram account @totalimpactma
3) Tag a friend in the post comments!
We would love our current students to spread the word about the contest to their friends! Imagine having more buddies in class with you…the fun increases as does everyone’s strength.
Total Impact Martial Arts group fitness classes are open to all ages and fitness levels:
Little Ninjas:

Have little ones? Our instructors guide the 4-5 years olds in Little Ninja’s our pre-karate program. It is a fun, high energy, developmental program that will prepare your child for the Total Impact Martial Arts Children’s program

Kids Karate Program:

Our Kids karate program offers a blended martial arts system which focuses on self improvement, more confidence and positive body image. Training is provided for beginners and advanced students. They will earn stripes and move belt levels as their martial arts skills improve.

Fitness Kickboxing:

Swimsuit season is headed our way! Check out our Total Impact Fitness Kickboxing class which blends kickboxing and boxing techniques and integrates them with cardio and strength training. These classes are high energy, motivating and a great way to relieve stress. Get in your best shape ever while having fun! We offer the most powerful fat burning workout available in Arlington Heights today.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is renowned as one of the most effective, advanced reality based Self-Defense and Survival Systems of the Israeli Defense Forces found in the world! We are part of an affiliate network dedicated to training men, women, children, law enforcement and military personnel to be able to fight and defend themselves. Come on in and challenge yourself!

Look forward to improving your body, mind & spirit as a whole: stamina, muscle tone, flexibility, balance, strength, as well as focus and self-confidence. Unlike any other group fitness class, adults and children will learn life-saving self-defense skills at the same time having fun and releasing stress through proper kicks, punches and form!
All NEW students are eligible to enter our March contest. Enter today via Facebook or Instagram, Good Luck!
*Current students are not eligible for this contest.

The Total Impact System

The Total Impact System blends multiple styles together to create a well rounded system which utilizes techniques of American, Chinese, Israeli, Japanese, and Korean origins, including: Bu Kyoku Ryu karate, Kickboxing/Boxing, Krav Maga, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and Judo & Jiu-Jitsu. It is about growing and continuing the evolution of martial arts by combining the best techniques from the various styles into one program. Total Impact Martial Arts & Fitness offers exciting and innovative programs that will help you reach all of your health, fitness and martial art goals!



Total Impact Martial Arts offers HIGH ENERGY, engaging martial arts programs to help students of all ages reach their unique health, fitness, and martial arts goals!