Couples Fitness: Sweating Together Ignites the Fire in Your Relationship

We hit the gym everyday taking on new fitness challenges, creating individual health goals and seeing what’s new in group fitness. Have you ever considered how physical fitness could benefit not only your own health and wellness but also enhance your romantic relationship? What would it be like if you grabbed your partner’s hand and invited them to be your workout buddy? Evidence strongly supports that couples who sweat together really do stay together!

If you are looking to spark your relationship and try something new together, check out these awesome benefits from couples fitness:

Increase Relationship Happiness

Romantic and physical attraction is heightened when couples jointly participate in invigorating physical activity together. Exercising helps your brain produce more more testosterone and estrogen which boosts sexual attraction. Releasing your body’s endorphins or “feel-good hormones”, including dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin increases happiness and self-confidence. Watching your partner actually sweating and working hard stimulates brain chemicals that magnetically draws couples toward each other physically. When we are happier and more in touch with our body, physical intimacy increases and our relationship improves!

Fitness Accountability Partner

Accountability in life keeps us on track for hitting all of our personal and professional goals. People who are held accountable for their exercise routine are more likely to be successful when they have to answer to the person who cares about them most.  Left to only ourselves, we are more likely to skip a workout or not go to class if we’ve had a bad day or our motivation is low. Prevention magazine found that 94% of the couples stuck to their workout routine when they did it together. Allowing our partner to motivate and encourage us can help you feel more inspired, positive and closer to your partner.

Kick Up Your Emotional Bond

Working out together such as lifting weights, walking, running or even tossing medicine balls back and forth is known as nonverbal mimicry which helps the couple feel emotionally attuned with one another. Partners who routinely hit the gym together build up their emotional bond which deepens their relationship and their health at the same time. It also is a great way to carve out quality time as a couple that will have you laughing and cheering each other on and even having a little friendly competition!

February is the month of love! Couples who sweat together stay together. Total Impact challenges you to get your partner off of the couch and come on over to ignite your passion in our Krav Maga class or our Adult Fitness Kickboxing class! Added perk: Enjoy your first class for FREE!
Couples Fitness: Sweating Together Ignites the Fire in Your Relationship - Total Impact Martial Arts - Arlington Heights Buffalo Grove

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