The Secret to Self Control for Preschoolers…

If you’re a parent with a preschooler, we know you have your hands full! They’re at that precious age where they’re becoming their own person, trying to do independent things like pouring the milk by themselves, and bringing you home adorable art projects.
On the flip-side, these sweet bundles of high energy can also bring chaos! Running around screaming when they’re excited, throwing a fit when they don’t get their way, and seeming to be incapable of sitting still when you need them to. Can you relate?
What if we told you that Total Impact has the secret to self control for preschoolers? Before you laugh at this bold claim, it’s true! Our dojo specializes in all levels of Children’s Martial Arts with a pre-karate program for 4 & 5 year olds. Our Little Ninja’s class provides a fun environment where your little one can learn to channel their energy in a positive way.
Why should I enroll my preschooler in Martial Arts?

We like to say the earlier, the better! It’s never too soon to teach positive values, healthy habits, and important life skills to children. For the young ones, Little Ninjas combined with Ninja Trix will help kids ages 4 and 5 years old learn body awareness, develop team building skills, practice discipline, and boost their self confidence. If you’re looking for a healthy activity for your child, our dojo is an awesome place to get them started!

Is Children’s Karate safe for young children?

Yes! The Little Ninja’s program is specifically designed to be very safe for small children and is non-combative. Our youngest students start training as early as four years old! Our pre-k kids karate program is considered a pre-karate program. Students will learn martial arts techniques equivalent to our white and ½ yellow belt in the older Children’s Martial Arts program. This is a fun, high energy, developmental program that will teach your child the basics of martial arts through fun games, exercises, and various activities.

What are the top benefits of Kids Karate for preschoolers?

This is a reward driven program that promotes positive learning and team building. Through following the rules of the dojo and instructions of the sensei, your child will learn self-discipline, self control, respecting others, and how to focus! Total Impact provides a safe, supportive environment where your child can be themselves, learn at their own pace, and celebrate their achievements! Not to mention they will naturally cultivate techniques for self-regulation, how to be calm, and make new friends in the process. The list of benefits goes on and on…


If your child’s preschool teacher has reported them being wild at inappropriate times, not listening to instructions, or throwing tantrums during class, our dojo is the perfect place for your family! The skills we teach in the dojo are lifelong tools that can help your little one at school and at home. Preschoolers are very impressionable, allow our instructors to make a positive impact on them!
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“Total Impact Martial Arts provides a wonderful experience. All staff members are professional, friendly and offer a supportive and encouraging learning environment. My daughter absolutely loves this school and looks forward to each class.Would recommend Total impact to all ages looking to learn martial arts, self-defense, and discipline.”Olga L.

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